• The death penalty is a dreadful thing. Knowing that we're going to die in a given day, at a given hour is dreadful. That's why it's necessary to have rather solid proofs against the accused so that he could be executed. Having said that, I've a quite shared view on this topic. In my opinion, the death penalty should be given to someone who really deserves it.


    [Thoughts] Death penalty.


    I give you an example, a few weeks ago, a 7-years-old girl's body was found in a garbage dump, in Pakistan. She had been raped several times, before being killed. That's disgusting. It's a crime against humanity. I think that the person who did that deserves worse, but as there's nothing worse than death, then he should be executed. In that Zainab case, the whole country manifested, the criminal was found and he's still alive. I assure you, if I could do it, I would have killed him at the very moment he was found. He doesn't deserve to live a single minute longer. Then there are those who are killed despite their proved innocence, that's what I call " politic games ". In the end, every crime is similar, whether it's a murder or a rape. If we start executing all of them, there will be nobody anymore in the world.

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